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Hello! I am Beau H.

I am back, on the new domain name. If you've any queries, reach out on beau@beauh.co.

This is a place for me to share content, give out tutorials, as well as where I'll share some things I've learned about technology.

About Me

I really like hosting websites, working on servers & archiving cool content on the internet, this is my website.

I used to work in interface and front end website development, discord bot development, and video production for small and upcoming content creators. I have passion for minimalist interfaces, 90s Trance and KFC.

I am using Pixel 4a on GrapheneOS, hating the mass dystopian nature of the UK, it's a good budget phone, perhaps I should write a review.

I used to play with a GTA V client known as FiveM

2020 ended, now in 2021, what a year! My retrospective take on the year of 2020 will be here soon!